Transpersonal® – Developing and Energizing Tops

A Superman costume or a fashion shirt will never develop your abilities!

However by using a Transpersonal® Developing and Energizing Top you will be able to apply your unused or less-used skills and activate energies to implement actions in life situations.

The 3 special symbols on the Transpersonal® tops act their stimulating effects in the following features and aspects: flowing of love, operating intuitions, rationality, decisive, leading, exhilarating, illuminating, conscious, wise, forward, inclusive, accepting, gentle, self-confident, immediate more detailed sensations, greater compassion, purposefulness, system mapping, sturdiness, interest enforcing power…

Use the Transpersonal® Developing and Energizing Top to overcome your weaknesses.

Advantages of the Transpersonal® Tops:

in connection with the functioning, faith have no role, the effects of the Transpersonal® Tops can be measured with aural photos, EEG, and Biofeedback, bioresonance devices
buying the developing clothes is a smaller investment than to fail in life situations
you can choose from several models
can be worn any time, even as an underwear
it has no side effects
it is a useful supplement in self-development and therapeutic processes as well.

Users' feedback

Do you agree, that…

the more attributes and abilities one has, the more opportunities and success one can realize?

Would you also like to improve and strenghten yourself with good qualities?

By using the symbols of the Transpersonal® Developing and Energizing Top, namely using consciously their informations of vibration, we can replace missing attributes and energy patterns, and we can modulate and raise our vibration level.

We can take advantage of the correct utilization of the symbols’ energy vibration effects, thus we can live with our expanded capabilities, energies with more dominant and more consistent attributes in our life.
Develop yourself with Transpersonal® clothes if you want to realize a higher life quality!

Watch the video to know what users tell about their experience with the Transpersonal® Developing and Energizing Top!