Special Vitalizing and Developing Symbol Cards


This is valid for the success of your acts as well.

Water is one of the most receptive information transmitter and energy storing element. Use this ancient initiation and self-development method for your own progress!

Transpersonal® Special Vitalizing and Developing Symbol Cards help to recover the shortage of energies of various sorts. They charge you with power for changing your character or activities, and by this cards support a more effective progress in life.
Using this tool calibrated with special sort of energies you can develop your abilities and realize real change in your life conditions on Body, Soul and Spiritual level as well.

Challenges of life keep us trained continuously, and we need more and more vitality and fortitude. In order to solve life situations it is necessary to have organized meridian lines and aura structure, as well as the presence of special energies.

It can be any sort of supporting energy, if it is not available within our own structure, we need to get it from somewhere. Transpersonal® Special Vitalizing and Developing Symbol Cards generate and transmit these energies in order to realize changes in life.


takes effect on Body, Soul and Spiritual levels as well
helps change processes and let go of feelings, beliefs etc.
effective, as unpleasant symptoms can be eased quickly
supports the act of creation and taking advantages occured in one’s life hatással van
portable, can be used on travels as well

Users' feedback

Do you agree, that…, hogy...

the more attributes and abilities one can operate through energies, the more opportunities and success one can realize?

For all kind of act and action the related energy is necessary to be present.

Would you also like to improve and strenghten your abilities to act?

Then support yourself with the calibrated Transpersonal® Special Vitalizing and Developing Symbol Cards in order to increase your natural vitality!

Watch the video to know how to use the cards in bathtub: